This is it (a poem written for a certain somebody who I’m tired of dealing with).


You cuss

You scream

You throw your fit.

Not today.

This is it.

I’ve had enough

I’m sick of it.

i just cant stand you

I’m sick of you sh**.

Call me a sl**.

Call me a b***h.

Go ahead

Throw your fit.

But i swear to god

This is it.


sinister/evil 1st person


I wasn’t always the “best” candidate for the job. But I knew that I would do anything, and I do mean anything, to get exactly what I wanted. I knew from the very beginning who had to go first, and so they would. but I? Oh I would know nothing of what had happened to them. you see, with me, what you see isn’t always what you get.  But if you stood in my way, you’d really get on my bad side. I’m just like a rose. I look and smell like the picture of innocence, but touch me and I’ll stab you. This book isn’t open. It’s soldered shut. But anyways, like I was saying, I was very determined to get what I wanted, even though I was very inadequate. And I was going to get it. No matter how many people had to suffer in the process. I came to L.A. looking for a job as an actor. You see, I have a terrible way of looking at things, and nobody knew exactly what I did. Maybe I was crazy? Yeah so what? Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to insult a crazy person?

It’s my way or no way, and that’s just how it is. That’s what I told the guy at the studio anyways. My gun may or may not have persuaded him a little. But I got the job. And then I shot him anyways. I didn’t like the way he looked at me. He had to go. He was one of them. His eyes, you could see it in his eyes. He had to go. My view of the world vary’s from yours. I see things differently. You think that guy should have lived? I knew he needed to die. Do with it what you will. Walking away from the studio, I went to the bar to get myself a drink when this dude shoves me into this dark ally and pulls a knife on me. Well I was already mad because of the guy at the studio so it made me p****d that this guy was threatening me. “Dude you better  walk away before you get hurt” i said. He just laughed at me. HE LAUGHED AT ME????!!! pulling out my gun for the next kill, a bright light illuminated the alleyway.It was headlights. His buddy? Perhaps I will kill him then I will kill his friend. I put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. The other guy got out of the car. “Why did you shoot my brother??!” the guy shouted. “What you want to die like your a**hole brother?” before I realized what I was doing I was walking over to him with my gun raised up. It was in his face and I was ready to pull the trigger. I just didn’t like the way that son of b***h spoke to me!

I looked in the backseat of the car and I saw what appeared to be a one year old who was balling his eyes out. “calm down ya sissy” i said to the young boy. I put the gun to the guys head and without giving it another thought I pulled the trigger. Now I spun around and looked at the child.  I couldn’t believer what I had just done. This child could be a potential witness. I could always raise the child to be my own. He could be just like me. That is what I would do! I grabbed the child, his new name would be Alexander, and I bounced him as we made our escape. This was the best solution. I would start a life for this child who would end up in foster care if not for me. The child was upset. “Dad was probably a moron anyways. Don’t you worry though Alexander, we’ll start a new life and you’ll be just like me.” I walked away from the crime scene. They would never even know I was there.