the glass mirror(a scary story)

while tucking his son into bed the young boy said “dad can you check under my bed to see if there is a monster?” being the good father he is, he quickly bent over, expecting to see nothing. he glanced and just as he opened his mouth his son, from under the bed, said “dad can you check on my bed to see if there is a monster?” he jumped up shocked, only to see something that looked like his son sitting in his sons bed. “get out of my sons bed” he said angrily. “aren’t you going to give me a goodnight kiss dad?” the monster said smiling and revealing its sharp teeth. his red eyes flashed. the father lunged towards the monster, only to fly backwards shattering the mirror into a million pieces, he fell to the ground on top of the glass shards.

months later the mother came into the young boys room to get his last box to put in the truck for the move, what with things being difficult since the father had passed on. as she walked by the wall she noticed the reflection of her husband and immediately turned to see nothing behind her. she picked up the last box and left the room closing the door. the son ran back in there and noticed his dads reflection too, confused he called out “mom why can i see daddy’s reflection when i don’t have a mirror anymore?”..



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