life in a nut shell


well only if you make it.

common sense?

that doesn’t really exist.

we just learn what our parents know

still alive?

count your blessings every-time you take a breath

till death, there’s life.

but, if you’re alive then you’re cursed.

but how?

a great question.

there is no answer.

life is hard.


but people are envious.

why them..

the ones we love?

why do they go when other people are completely

unsatisfied with breathing the breath we wished our loved one had.

I’ve got these questions.

always running through my head.

there’s so many things that i would like to understand:

if we are born to die

and we all die to live;

then what’s the point of living life if it just contradicts?

that…is life in a nut shell

because life is a list of questions that are never answered,

full of so much confusion that we cant bear it

it’s full of lost and despair

but most of all; life is great.





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