the “I” in I.N.D.I.V.I.D.U.A.L.I.T.Y (a dream poem)

running fast. breathing hard.i struggled through conformity. “join us” they chanted. “never!” i screamed. i chugged along, alone. i didn’t want to obey. conformity? it just wasn’t my thing. “join us” they whispered again. “no!!! i wont!!!” i began to shake to my core struggling through.

a coven a million light years away beckoned me home. but over them, i heard the chanting ” no tattoos, no dyed hair, no piercings” i strained to stay to myself, not to conform. “no…” i whimpered. “no? to conformity? this will not due.” they started to chant again. “no make up, no dark clothing.” i couldn’t get away. “conform” they insisted.

but i? i stood strong. i will not conform. i will strut my INDIVIDUALITY. my “me” sequence. the one who I am, is who I CHOSE to be. don’t change me. let me be me. because i? i am BEAUTIFUL. i show no conformity. i show the world

I am beautiful. i am

Not just another pretty face, so

Don’t change me because

I am an individual who is

Very unique.

I am different, so please

Don’t try to “represent” what you can never become. because i am

Uniquely me. i am

Another odd ball out. someone who doesn’t want to be like the rest.

Let me stat true to myself.

I am me, and that will change for no one. and i’m trusting

That you will let me be who i am.

Yes. i’m me.

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