i wrote this poem its called the virtue of hatred

“Don’t let the ones who created you be the ones you destroy. it will all be in spite.”


from top to bottom, we strive to be

the ones we need to be

the ones we want to be

day in and day out 

we struggle to find a place

where we truly belong

a place we want to be

the place we need to be


but while at the top

we do what we have to stay there 

even if it means knocking down our best friend

our only friend we need 

the only friend we want

we forget who’s there when no one else is

we become pig-headed


enriched with attitude

filled with no remorse

we carry on, and end up alone


we surpass who we wanted to be

become who we don’t

join in on the hatred

become a walking example of who we hate


the ones who made us, become the ones who destroy us

they become the ones we stray to for help

hate becomes a virtue 

death becomes an inevitable flaw of inconvenience

we become who we despise so greatly

that the fame washes us away

and we become







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