life in a nut shell



well only if you make it.

common sense?

that doesn’t really exist.

we just learn what our parents know

still alive?

count your blessings every-time you take a breath

till death, there’s life.

but, if you’re alive then you’re cursed.

but how?

a great question.

there is no answer.

life is hard.


but people are envious.

why them..

the ones we love?

why do they go when other people are completely

unsatisfied with breathing the breath we wished our loved one had.

I’ve got these questions.

always running through my head.

there’s so many things that i would like to understand:

if we are born to die

and we all die to live;

then what’s the point of living life if it just contradicts?

that…is life in a nut shell

because life is a list of questions that are never answered,

full of so much confusion that we cant bear it

it’s full of lost and despair

but most of all; life is great.





Love of my life ( a poem about my happy place)


the sound of a child sleeping.

the creaking of the screen door

the one i call mine beside me forever more 

the blissful silence.




the giggling of a baby girl 

the sincere laughing of my own 

the smile that lights up her face everyday as soon as i come home.

the beautiful silence





the smell of baby powder 

the kicking of her little legs

that beautiful smile brightens my entire day

the happiness of love




all mine, this is 


the “I” in I.N.D.I.V.I.D.U.A.L.I.T.Y (a dream poem)


running fast. breathing hard.i struggled through conformity. “join us” they chanted. “never!” i screamed. i chugged along, alone. i didn’t want to obey. conformity? it just wasn’t my thing. “join us” they whispered again. “no!!! i wont!!!” i began to shake to my core struggling through.

a coven a million light years away beckoned me home. but over them, i heard the chanting ” no tattoos, no dyed hair, no piercings” i strained to stay to myself, not to conform. “no…” i whimpered. “no? to conformity? this will not due.” they started to chant again. “no make up, no dark clothing.” i couldn’t get away. “conform” they insisted.

but i? i stood strong. i will not conform. i will strut my INDIVIDUALITY. my “me” sequence. the one who I am, is who I CHOSE to be. don’t change me. let me be me. because i? i am BEAUTIFUL. i show no conformity. i show the world

I am beautiful. i am

Not just another pretty face, so

Don’t change me because

I am an individual who is

Very unique.

I am different, so please

Don’t try to “represent” what you can never become. because i am

Uniquely me. i am

Another odd ball out. someone who doesn’t want to be like the rest.

Let me stat true to myself.

I am me, and that will change for no one. and i’m trusting

That you will let me be who i am.

Yes. i’m me.

i wrote this poem its called the virtue of hatred


“Don’t let the ones who created you be the ones you destroy. it will all be in spite.”


from top to bottom, we strive to be

the ones we need to be

the ones we want to be

day in and day out 

we struggle to find a place

where we truly belong

a place we want to be

the place we need to be


but while at the top

we do what we have to stay there 

even if it means knocking down our best friend

our only friend we need 

the only friend we want

we forget who’s there when no one else is

we become pig-headed


enriched with attitude

filled with no remorse

we carry on, and end up alone


we surpass who we wanted to be

become who we don’t

join in on the hatred

become a walking example of who we hate


the ones who made us, become the ones who destroy us

they become the ones we stray to for help

hate becomes a virtue 

death becomes an inevitable flaw of inconvenience

we become who we despise so greatly

that the fame washes us away

and we become