some random stuff about me:


1. i’m really short. i am like im 5’0″ maybe…. like anyone who’s 7 is probably taller than me…seriously im very tiny. just ask anybody.

2. i work 2 jobs

3. i am happily engaged to the best man ever, and have been for about a year..(waiting till February to get married) just makes my life easier on so many levels. 

4. my favorite band is pierce the veil

5. my priority is getting a degree in engineering design development computer science software. which just means i’m going to design apps for a living..

6. i have a 1966 ford pickup short wheel base.

7. im not one to deal with whine bags so if you’re a whine bag just don’t even talk to me…seriously i hate it when people cry about something that they have absolutely no control over..

8. i have a lot of pet-peeves

9. last year i went to warped tour and got to personally meet jeffrie star. whom is a very amazing person to be around. the best experience of my life.

10. i don’t really relish on everything people say.

11. criticism is a good friend of mine. i love love love constructive criticism. so give me ideas in how to make my stuff better guys!!

12. i don’t like alot of sugary stuff

13. every-time i cook something(which is everyday) i like to cook it from scratch because i think it tastes better (:

14. i hate fast food

15. my parents raised me that bullying isn’t right and i will not stand by while someone bullies someone else just because they are different. bullying is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. if you don’t like the person then stay away from them. duh…and talking about someone behind their back makes you sissy. either say it to their face or don’t say it at all..